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As of February 28th Yapton Metal Co is now closed down but there is still a considerable mount of stock that needs to be disposed of.  Give us a call on 07714 292 196 if you have any enquiries.

A Pair of Lions nicely patinated and with Real Glass Eyes!

Started in 1951 the firm started of as general Scrap Metal Merchants but some twelve years later we had ceased dealing in scrap iron and instead concentrated only on purchasing non-ferrous scrap metals (copper, lead, brass etc) and buying and selling 'useful' second-hand goods -  metal and non-metal and this included a considerable amount of fixtures and fittings and building materials taken out of properties that were being converted, modernised or restored.  


Today we still purchase non-ferrous scrap metals in both small and large quantities but our second hand stock now revolves around older or antique or now unobtainable architestural fittings and garden statuary and furniture.


Saying that one cannot quite say what a customer might find here at any one time and increasingly antique oddities turn up and objetcs and pieces that have an aesthetic appeal.  This side of the business - now in its 63rd year is increasing and flourishing.

Part of the Interior of the Shop....
A Small Area of the Yard...

We've always been hard to classify: mostly we've just been called 'the scrapyard',  some have called us a cross between Steptoe's and The British Museum; some have called us a junk yard some an 'emporium of delights' while others refer to us as 'that arty place in Yapton'.  We're called many things and most of them polite and complimentary!  I always say that the best thing to do is to come along and see for yourself. We're almost always friendly and certainly always courteous and we're definitely not pushy!


Yapton Metal Co

Burndell Yard
Burndell Rd  


BN18 0HP

T   01243 551359

M   07714 292196


Email us at


Opening times

Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 1.00 pm and 2.00 - 5.00 pm 


Saturday  9.00 am - 1.00 pm.  But I can and often do open Sat afternoons

and some Sundays if I'm at the yard anyway - which I often am so

phone me to check.


Just arrived!

We've just obtained a near perfect old 'kitchener' or 'portable' range - in other words and old solid fuel cooking stove.  This one is 'The Arun' and though small and on legs is certainly not 'portable' in the modern sense of the word!  It's heavy to say the least!


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